Tap Beer/Cider

Speights Gold Medal Ale

Style, NZ Draught. Flavour, Speight’s Gold Medal Ale has a full malt flavour, with a hint of grassy undertones and bitterness

Glass $6.50          Handle $8            Pint $10                Pitcher $28

Lion Red

Lion Red is one New Zealand’s oldest beers and is full bodied, malt flavoured beer that is balanced with a pleasant hop bitterness that appeals to all beer drinkers.

Glass $6.50          Handle $8            Pint $10                Pitcher $28


King Country Brewing Co’ Pale Ale

This Golden Brown beauty showcases some of New Zealand’s finest hops, without the bitterness.  Malty & a little fruity to the nose….. This is OUR local!!

Glass $7                Handle $9            Pint $11                Pitcher $35


Mac’s Hop Rocker (Pilsner)

Hop Rocker is Mac’s own Pilsener, with a full complement of Cascade & Nelson Sauvin hops for well-rounded complexity. Bitter, but in a good way.

Glass $7                Handle $9            Pint $11                Pitcher $35


Old Mout Hard Cider

Dry, subtle on the sweet, and golden, much like the lagers Kiwis love to enjoy.

Glass $7                Handle $9            Pint $11                Pitcher $35


Bottled NZ Beer


Tui                                                   $7

Tui East India Pale Ale is a light, crisp, and delicately malted beer. After opening the screw cap and nursing your torn finger you should notice a distinct aroma of the Mangatainoka River


Waikato Draught               330ml $7              Quart $11

Waikato Draught, the Spirit of Waikato, is a Real Beer first brewed in 1925. Waikato Draught has a strong malty flavour with a well-defined bitterness, a smooth and clean texture and a hoppy and spicy aroma


Mac’s Black (Porter)                      $8

Black Mac is a smooth Porter with hints of caramel, liquorice & chocolate. Earnestly made from a combo of 5 different malts, topped with Fuggle hops


Steinlager Classic                          $8

Steinlager is a lager with a distinctive grassy note and clean crisp bitterness of green bullet hops. It is balanced with a dry, astringent finish.


Steinlager Pure                              $8

Steinlager Pure uses a selection of New Zealand?s finest hops, including a new variety called Pacific Jade, specially commissioned by Steinlager. Pacific Jade delivers a smooth, refreshing flavour


Speight’s Mid Ale (2.5%)               $7

Speight’s Mid Ale is a perfectly balanced, mid strength beer that’s still full of flavour.


Speight’s Summit Ultra                 $7

Speight’s Summit Ultra is a refreshing golden lager. Brewed for a crisp, clear result, this lager’s definitely earned its alpine name. Brewed for longer it has 75% less carbs than regular beer


DB Citrus Lemon                           $7

Born in 2013. One of the most refreshing beers you will experience, DB Export Citrus delivers a clean, crisp taste of DB Export beer with natural lemon juice.


Imported Bottled Beer

Kronenbourg 1664                        $8

Heineken                                         $8

Corona                                             $8

Guinness                                         $10

Peroni                                              $8



Magners Berry                                $8




Sparkling Piccolo Bottle


Lindauer Brut Cuvée                      $10

Bright gold with coppery notes.  The yeasty and toasty bouquet show excellent maturity and the wine is full on the palate with a pleasant steady mousse and elegant aroma.


Lindauer Fraise                               $10

This wine has a hint of sweetness which compliments the subtle lingering taste of strawberry.


Lindauer Sauvignon Blanc            $10

The palate shows balance, both ripe fruit flavours and a tight, fresh acidity complemented by a lifted creaminess derived from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir component.


Sauvignon Blanc


Oyster Bay                                       $9.50     $38

Zesty and aromatic with lots of lively, penetrating fruit characters.  A concentration of tropical and gooseberry flavours with abundant bouquet.


Te Awa Left Field                            $8.50     $34

With it’s quirky label and cracking flavour profile the is no run-of-the-mill Sauvignon; selected fruit parcels off top Marlborough sites combined with skilful winemaking see to that.  Tropical fruit characters, herbal notes and a thirst-quenching vibrancy send the Squidmill flying into high orbit.


Villa Maria Private Bin Lighter      $8.50     $34

Light & crisp, with tangy grapefruit, fresh herbs and peach flavours that are succulent and smooth, finishing juicy, with plenty of focus and intensity; perfectly capturing the essence of Marlborough.



Left Field Pinot Gris                         $8.50     $34

Hawkes Bay.  Flaunting it’s East Coast origins, this sultry and rather excitable Pinot Gris parades an array of finely-tuned, spicy/crunchy apple and pear characters that permeate the senses with an appetising freshness.


Villa Maria Cellar Select Dry Riesling                $9           $36

Delicate florals, citrus, river stone, a touch of toast and fine acidity – it all makes for a thrilling, juicy mouthful.  This is classy stuff!


Left Field Rosé                                  $8.50     $34

This is a light, delicate, off-dry style with a seductive floral perfume and a generous helping of red apple and berry fruit-infused fruit, with its fruit purity and silky mouthfeel it has an approachable, easy-going personality.  A charmer!!




Te Awa Leftfield                               $8.50     $34

Glows in the glass with a knowing Hawkes Bay swagger, it’s stone fruit and citrus characters infused with an assured elegance augmented by silky textures and a gentle vanillin oak presence.


Church Road                                    $10         $40

A complex, multi-layered wine with subtle citrus, mineral, melon, fig and hazelnut notes overlaid with a mealy complexity and a bright seam of minerality.  A Chardonnay lovers delight!


Soft Reds


Te Awa Leftfield Melot                   $8.50     $34

A plash of Malbec introduces a lush textural element to the silky-smooth Merlot proceedings.  Matured for 18 months is oak, an orchestra of spice-edged berry, plum and violet aromas and flavours are accompanied by notes of understated oak and a long, flavoursome aftertaste.  Down-right delicious!!


Te Awa Leftfield Pinot Noir           $8.50     $34

An elegant, restrained Pinot Noir with an alluring bouquet of cherries and strawberries enhanced by notes of cinnamon and all spice, framed by a harmonious palate.  Seductive…..


Russian Jack Pinot Noir                  $10         $40

A finely balanced, plush, up-front Pinot Noir offering ripe red berry fruit underpinned by a fresh crunchiness and savoury notes.  The mouthfeel is soft and plush with light, supple tannin extraction.  Dangerously Drinkable!!


Full Bodied Reds

Angus the Bull Cabernet Sauvignon        $10         $40

Intense colour with bright purple hues.  Ripe black fruits and rich dark chocolate and vanillin smoky oak aromas.  Medium to full bodied palate weight, characterised by firm tannins and a savoury masculine finish.  Bold & Sassy!


Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz       $10         $40

Richly aromatic nose of violets, black plum and blueberry on this full-bodied Australian Shiraz.  It’s full bodied, juicy, ultra-smooth and mouth filling!!



Espresso                                         $4

Long Black/Americarno                $4

Macchiato                                       $4.50

Flat White                                        $4.50

Cappuccino                                     $4.50

Latté                                                 $5

Mochaccino                                     $5

Mocha Latté                                    $5.50

Large Size                                        $0.50

Side of Milk                                     $0.50

Soy/Almond Milk                            $0.80

Decaf                                                $0.80


T Leaf Tea                            $4.50ea

English Breakfast

Earl Grey Blue Flower

NZ Manuka Breakfast


Kawakawa Fire



Organic Green Tea


Hot Beverages

Hot Chocolate                                  $5

Chai Latté                                          $5

Lemon, Honey & Ginger                 $4.50

Spiced Berry                                     $4.50




Non-Alcoholic Beverages



Banana & Linseed                           $8

Tropical Mango                                $8

Berry, Fejoa & Chia                          $8

Clean Green                                      $10

Iced Coffee                                        $7.50

Iced Chocolate                                  $7.50

Iced Mocha                                        $8


Juices                                            $4.50ea






Tomato (Spiced OR not)


Soft Drinks

Cola – Diet Available                        $3.50

Coke No Sugar                                  $4

Lemonade                                         $3.50

Ginger Ale                                          $3.50

Tonic Water                                       $3.50

Soda Water                                        $2

Lemon & Paeroa                               $4

Bunderberg Ginger Beer                 $5

Pheonix Mineral Water                    $5

Monster Zero Ultra                           $5


Italian Soda  


Passion Fruit




Russian Standard Vodka                   $8

Larios Dry Gin                                     $8

Bacardi White Rum                            $8

Stolen Dark Rum                                $8

Jim Beam Bourbon                            $8

Jamesons Irish Whiskey                    $8

Sauza Gold Tequila                            $8

Canadian Club Whiskey                    $8

Famous Grouse Blended Scotch     $8

Chattelle Napoleon Brandy             $8

Jack Daniels Whiskey                        $8

Appletons Estate Rum                      $8

Bombay Saphire Gin                         $8

Cointreau                                            $8

Frangelico                                           $8

Baily’s Irish Cream                             $8

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur         $8

Kahlua                                                  $8

Malibu Coconut Rum                         $8

Midori Melon                                       $8

Jagermeister                                         $8

Southern Comfort                               $8

Galliano Vanilla                                    $8

Amaretto                                               $8

Black Sambucca                                   $8

White Sambucca                                  $8

Apple Sourz                                          $8

Pimms No1 Cup                                   $8

Larios Rosé Gin                                    $8


Top Shelf

Agavero                                                 $10

Glenfiddich 12yo Scotch                     $10

Drambuie                                              $10

Jim Beam Single Barrel                       $12




Mojito                                                    $13

Mojito is a long drink that is simple, yet tasty.   It combines White Rum, Mint, Lime & sugar in a symphony of freshness.  Not too sweet and mega refreshing!


Mojito Diablo                                       $13

All the good things about a Mojito with French Black Raspberry Liqueur thrown in the mix.


Fejoa Mojito                                         $13

A Kiwi spin on a classic Cocktail…. The taste of summer…. With a winter fruit…?


Long Island Iced Tea                          $21

Boozy with a side of boozy, but still kinda tasty…. Proceed with caution!!  This one is old-school.


Long Beach Iced Tea                         $21

A summer-style twist on the classic.  Cranberry really lifts the iced tea up!


Tokyo Iced Tea                                   $22

Ultra-modern twist on the long island.  Looks and tastes great!!


Sex on the Beach                               $12

Refreshing and easy to drink – a great started cocktail…. Not too boozy!


Sex on the Rocks                                $12

A Weta twist!!  More raunchy than Sex on the Beach, but not as itchy!


Cosmopolitan                                     $13

Sex in the City?  This classic is classy and tasty…. Channel your inner-New Yorker.


Bloody Mary                                       $12

The consummate breakfast cocktail OR great with a steak…. Spicy and Savoury… YUM


Black Russian                                     $12

Simple yet effective…. Easy doesn’t mean bad


White Russian                                    $12


Margarita                                            $13

The original summer cocktail.  Tequila, lime and salt…. Need I say more?


Hairy Ginger                                       $13

A Weta original.  Combining Sweet Dark Rum with Ginger & Mint… Topped off with a little apple juice.  This Long drink is super tasty in Summer OR Winter


Kentucky Ginger                                $13

A twist on the Hairy Ginger, we’ve switched out the Sweet Rum for some grunty Bourbon.


Singapore Sling                                  $15

A long drink from the 1930s, looks stunning and tastes better.  A modern Classic Cocktail.


French Martini                                   $13

A really weird combo that just works!!  Vodka, Chambord & Pineapple…. Yes pineapple.  You have to taste it to believe.  Very tasty, not too sweet and very classy.


Harvey Wall Banger                           $12

Simple, old school and delicious.  A long drink combing Vodka, Galliano and Orange Juice


Espresso Martini                                $13

Coffee and Booze…. ‘nuff said really.  Tasty, boozy and coffee… the three main food groups!


Midori Sour                                         $13

Had enough of super sweet kiddie cocktails?  Take this one for a spin.  Don’t let the Midori fool you, this is no sweet factory!


Amaretto Sour                                    $13

Like the Midori Sour, but with a subtle nutty twist.


Blushing Lady                                     $13

A Weta Original; This spin on the classic White Lady ticks all the boxes.  Tasty, attractive and very swanky…. Did I mention delicious?  It is!!!  Blushing Rosé Gin presented with elegance.



Shakers/Teapots              $20ea

Alabama Slammer – Packed with flavour, this old school shooter with hit the mark!

Wetaberries – A Weta original, tasty and refreshing with a bit of kick!

Illusion – Classic cocktail turned shooter… Perfect mix of sweet & sour.

Moscow Punch – Another Weta original packed with all of Russia’s favourite beverages….. Vodka, Vodka & Vodka!


Shooters                                   $8ea

Quick F@*k – It’s over fast, but it’s so good…… the name says it all.

PB & J – Who doesn’t like Peanut Butter & Jam?

Snickers – Just like the chocky bar, only naughty!

Jam Donut – Creamy, Jammy, yummy!

Banana Split – Nice tasty, easy shot.

After Dinner Mint – as per name…. Choc, Mint, desert shot

Rocky Mountain Bear F#%ker – Not for the faint of heart


‘Bombs!!’                                   $10ea



Shark Attack



Special Coffee

Jameson’s Irish Coffee                     $10

Bailey’s Latté                                     $10

Frangelico Hot Chocolate               $10